Granary log house

The world of our imagination is memory of the paraglider which soars exceeding space-time.
That is right.
Mr. Kamei's words (亀井 勝一郎:katuichirou kamei)

... There is no telling what become...
... I carry out [ mind that I am likely to get used to something ]..

Flight deck & gallery planning

While an old tradition is inherited in various forms and new evolution is also added still now,
We are going to hand down succession of the traditional culture inherited
from ancient times to future generations.
World heritage is a big chance to stir up revolution with nature to us.
Granary log house in Japan日本世界遺産(西暦1998年の登録)
Please search the search word in 唐招提寺:Toshodai-ji.

Photograph iPhone11Max iPhone11Max Picture processing PhotoshopCs6
苔庭(kokeniwa)moss garden>蓮池(hasuike):a lotus pond>土塀(dobei)>mud wall>瓦土塀(kawara dohei)
This mud wall is reusing the tile of scrap .
Tips: Please expand the photograph of most right-hand side.

In the temple in Japan, nature is employed efficiently.
Thinking from a different angle
We discover beauty from an unexpected place. It turns out that the building of the beginning of Granary log house stood
from Toshodai-ji prefectural [ or before ].
Then, for what kind of purpose was I built when? Here is the first point of contact common to the world.
You also need to pursue the fact together correctly, making full use of the translation function of a MSFT learning program and Google.

Toshodai-ji start

The granary log house of Norway is connected with the warehouse of the wooden structure of the azekura style of two buildings
of the world heritage of Nara built and located in a line why.
Let's explain the mystery together, receiving assistance of the learning program of a MSFT from now on.
It is GO in order to see the world which we do not know, either!


起承転結:kishou tenketu
the four‐part organization of C
hinese poetry..
Four-corners decipherment of Galileo Galilei (1564-1642)

who decodes the three remaining factors is in us all the members.
We need to plot various imagination for what kind of conclusion I draw under the same star of the universe,
and our trip should explore each new way.
結: -- ketu>conclusion -- it is the world that nobody knows.
You who edit on the theme of a trip. Please assist us.

This photograph is a theme.

Photography by iPhone11MAX &Panasonic DMC-Fx01
The color tone compensation > exposure integration by Photo shop cs6

World heritage of Japan

The granary log house of the oldest azekura style in Japan: Toshodai-ji

Toshodai-ji 宝蔵:Houzou Date of construction Nara period(from710 to794)

single solid wooden hinged doors & 16pillars(diamater 580mm)

経蔵:Kyouzou is the oldest azekura style in Japan.

Our company introduces the researcher who was able to continue research of the log house from ancient times.

Is Shosoin of world heritage the oldest log house in Japan? Now, let's search together with us?



Microsoft Word - 第3回現場公開パンフレット(最終稿の瓦画像修正0226) (
At a MSFT learning program, I can hear the manuscript of this link place with a sound.
Please try on a right-click.
I think that you can understand intelligibly the technical contents of the Japanese traditional culture
which the Imperial Household Agency edited.
Please understand you in the world, and Japanese culture if you please.

I went to Toshodai-ji and Yakushi-ji today.

薬師寺の塔は三層 見た目は六層です。

唐招提寺の経蔵と宝蔵 それを見に行った理由

唐招提寺 経蔵と宝蔵を観察して


経蔵:kyouzou Date of construction Nara period(from710 to794)

3 solid wooden hinged doors & angle joists and 16pillars(diamater 484.848mm)

宝蔵:houzou height:2696.97mmxwidth:1727.27mm 経蔵:kyouzou height:2212.12mmxwidth:1515.15mm

The cross-sectional form of a log is a non-equilateral hexagon.
The number of stages of the log layer of a Kyozou is 18layers, and the size of a section is 196.95mmx196.95 mm
Kyouzou Building size Frontage: 5.7mx depth: 4.7 m
The number of 宝蔵:fouzou's log layers is 21 layers.
Fouzou Building size Frontage: 7.6mx depth: 6.1 m

Log house Japan style

These figures are present-day average size values. Therefore,
I think that the numerical value at the time of erection was a bigger size value than the present.
I was surprised that these size values are modules fundamental in Japan.
I think that especially 正倉院:Shosoin is a very interesting size value.

The transformational floor joist which gave the angle is form peculiar to the Nara period.
However, this form is not used in Shosoin.
The reason has not clarified.
There is also an opinion of rat return. Having seen by the Suisse also had the example
which is building the log house on the even large stone.

The big difference to the shaving and rounding off of 宝蔵:houzou and 経蔵:kyouzou is found.
It is that the ratio of core material
and core removal material is different.
Probably I can regard this as having changed from processing technology and experience.

The feature of core removal material is that there are few cracks.
Therefore, the difference in the age of these two buildings is guessed.
Please calculate based on these data.

And please feel overall similarity common to the world of size with the log shell which we are using now.
Search word; Specific gravity >Japanese cypress 0.41
If one weight of log shell is investigated, he raises and it can understand us
that they are based on human power by that it was possible weight.

Design consideration of granary log house

The right-hand side building existed from the Toshodai-ji erection or before. The Japanese Imperial Household owned
and it was a building of the same purpose as STABBUR of Norway.

Although it seems that the same building existed in Japan of those days, an existing building turns into only this building.
I was able to find the oldest azekura style, although I had you reminded of Shosoin.



The MSFT leanning program;唐招提寺・経堂
橿原考古学研究所 (
新田部親王 :niitabe shinnou邸 築地塀跡、唐招提寺境内に: 日本経済新聞 (
町田久成(hisanari machida)MSFT from now on

Soba:buck wheat restaurant [ of a forestry association ]: -- I started from the outer wall of 黒曜: kokuyou> Obsidian.
Google search: Obusidian Cliff Japan

 Mount Mitumine::三峰山:Mituminesan;Nagawamachi Nagano prefecture
Altitude :1885m>Check >Google Earth Pro Camera;2167m 36degrees09'59"N138degrees07'40"E 1885m
Mount mitumine of Nagano Prefecture is the foot of a mountain containing Furu Pass of Yatsugatake-Chushinkogen Quasi-National Park.
You can desire a field of view of 360 degrees,
If it goes down east from a vertex about 25minutes, the Venus line passes. It is equipped fully also with the carpark and there is also a stand.
It is an unparalleled view spot which can desire from the direction of Mount Asama to the Furu Pass:和田峠
Check >Google Earth Pro Camera;3705m 36degrees10'18"N138degrees09'42"E 1316m

Design outer wall: The design design > San'ai design (sanai sekkei) was incorporated as a design.
Then, I requested construction from the carpenter team which hands down the tradition construction method
which had acted as the teacher of the school which teaches a traditional wooden structure of those days.
The log house construction method went to Toshodai-ji, considerably, over many hours, is a spot and observed the structure.
The influence which I have on the inside of an azekura style investigated Japanese literature, and studied the processing method.
The Wada-mura forestry association cuts down Japanese Japanese Larix kaempferi which grew up
into the origin of the optimal natural environment of the present nagawamachi, and it is our company.
I sawed up at the lumber factory and accumulated only by natural seasoning.
The Soba restaurant which our company built is the building which is managing still now and adopted traditional construction methods of Japan
as the subject for fallen-leaves pine domestic timber in plenty.
The mainstay:Central pillar transmitted from old times in Japan were trees of the hunky-dory population lignosa those days
which piled up the annual rings for 75 years of the top quality of the fallen-leaves pine of Wada-mura of those days.
By all employees, our company will do hand peeling and will finish.
The fallen-leaves pine with which our company was sawed up at this time is being used for the handmaid log table at this time.
Although a fallen-leaves pine has like Thujopsis dolabrata a special feature at which it is easy to turn,
it is discovering the strong point with which my compensate the special feature obediently.

BOOK to which the design of scramble by a mainstay's cornerstone used east tower reconstruction of Yakushi-ji as the book:
It is reference about Yakushi-ji,
I carried out Yakushi-ji for the same base to fit in reference. Naturally, a cornerstone requests the stone of this ground
from a stone processing plant, and are other untaught stones. I supplied all from the local contractor.

Wada-mura of those days was an important base which holds headquarters in the posting station of the septentrional foot nearest to
the Five Highways highest point.


Wonderful encounter with a certain Finland Desiigner
An azekura style and a logo design are interactive.

Hunting Log house

Please refer to SEPPO POLAMERI of Bing.
The love to his nature will be seen.

One day, I went for a walk from the hotel in Helsinki. The signboard of the small private exhibition which was in the corner of a street stopped at eyes,
and the picture of the log house for hunting was visible to through a window [ of the building ].
if it goes into inside, two Finns need to welcome me -- since the price was displayed, I offered as let me purchase the picture of the log house for hunting.
The pilot of the painter's friend's Scandinavia airline explained the picture.
The painter was if it seems to be troubled also by the life and the friend is giving the private exhibition owing to alcohol dependence for him.
It is at the small private exhibition hall that I was surprised. It was a time of being a sketch and drawing the corner portion of the azekura style of the picture.
In fact, it was the birth unknown episode which induced a certain global logo design.
Please draw an answer from your sensitivity by MSFT search.
I purchased the work of two points from him.
Helsinki is a town of art truly.
And please keep the answer into your heart.
That is because it is the important soul borne by his simple sensitivity.
Please admire him.

However, I can never exhibit in the company. Because, my wife is a rabbit year.

Tips: Please make the outline of an azekura style into a line drawing.
Tips: It is a logo relevant to a log house.






The Finland people's volunteer spirit and sport friendship

Although SEPPO POLAMERI was from Espoo,

Fiest Ikea opened the No. 1 store initio to this city in the metropolitan suburbs in Finland of Ikea.
In the low price of the freshness of interior design, and the price of furniture, it was the optimal shopfloor for an interior total coordination.
If the laddie of the laddie ice hockey team of one capita who lives in the same Espoo wants to carry out the same generation's laddie and ice hockey of Japan
I said. It was at the last-fiscal-year time of the Nagano Olympic Games exactly.
Since it was also my Finland partner's son, we explored the possibility.
We found the search for a sponsor in Finland in the twinkling of an eye for him to be surprised.
Companies, such as Scandinavia airline/NESTE/OME/ROYAL/FINNLIFF/CHAPIC, cooperated focusing on Kauko Markkkinat.
I and a friend met the superintendence of the laddie ice hockey team of an Espoo, did the will check of the foreign game, and also had Embassy of Finland cooperate.
The letter of recommendation of Europe ice hockey Olympic Committee is needed.
We met the person in charge of the other side and the committee by airplane from Helsinki in Cologne, Germany.
The goodwill confrontation game with the Hokkaido team of Japan will be watched in the evening and the skating rink in Cologne.
Although the result was as imagination, I thought that an international friendly was required for sport promotion and improvement in technology.
the jihf(JAPAN ICE HOCKEY FEDERATION OFFICE IN EUROPE) needs to publish a letter of recommendation on the next day
-- I returned to Japan and passed the Olympics commissioner.
The laddie's dream went to realization.
The Espoo laddie ice hockey team offered contemporary Japanese laddies' parents day, while staying in parents and Japan.
Although it was a request sudden to the Shinshu University department-of-education attached Matsumoto elementary school, I proposed to the parents day.
It was a leading elementary school also in Nagano Prefecture truly. a principal of those days needs to consent readily
-- the placard of the welcome is made into the auditorium if a team arrives at school
The elementary school child held the welcome party. Children were staring also at the parents day eagerly.
The wonderful thing broke out. This school was built at the former site of the Matsumoto woman normal school, and, in fact, was my mother's alma mater.
And my younger brother had started for his new assignment to this elementary school.

A plan begins from a merely small starting point, and is drawn by efforts of many people as I am untaught.
Exchange of Japan and Finland would like you helpful to children's future friendship.

Granary log house is a warehouse which produces a new plan. Various ideas will be produced if a viewpoint is changed.
The MSFT learning program taught how to make a new homepage.
I can give more exact information with pleasure.


SEPPO POLAMERIはエスポー市出身ですが、この市にイケアのフィンランドの首都近郊に最初に1号店を出店しました。
Kauko Markkkinat を中心に、Scandinavia airline/NESTE/OME/ROYAL/FINNLIFF/CHAPIC等の企業が協力してくれました。


 grabnary log house は新しい企画を生み出す、倉庫なのです。視点を変えてみるといろんなアイデアが生まれます。

意匠外壁:意匠設計>三愛設計(sanai sekkei)がデザインとして組み込まれていた。そこで、当時の伝統的木造建造物を教える学校の先生を務めていた

大黒柱:daikoku hashira:Central pillarの礎石に固定する設計は、薬師寺の東塔再建を書物にしたBOOK:薬師寺を参考に、



Please be reminded of Shosoin in World heritage of Japan . I think that an image boils, although uses differ somewhat.
I can see the same building especially in the building of Horyuji Temple.
If I have Wikpediade searched by all means, the simple lanscape of the history an
Granary-Stabbur of Europe will be imagined.
By the drive of Europe, I can sometimes touch eyes and memorize strong yearning.



In a moomin film director's house which I visited in Finland before, child Mr. 2 persons need to wear the stuffed animal of moomin.
I met. And she showed their some buildings.

photo by Panasonic DMC-FX01 Color tone compensation :photo shop cs6

The tradition beauty succeeded from ancient times expresses the beauty by which the coalescence was carried out
also to contemporary art, and this tradition is a new form and is inherited.

I should notice that granary log house suited at hand unawares.

granary log house はいつの間にか、目の前にあったことに気づくはずである。

Renaissance-reproduction and revival
Introduction of the culture of Finland
When it went into the lumber room, old farm machines and implements etc. were displaying finely.
Furthermore, in the old big lumber room, the artist's wife was exhibiting the work of the Finland tapestry to the loft using big space.

I publish the pamphlet and picture postcards which were received in that time which met you.

I pray for the souls of the departed.


LOG HOUSE of the old farmhouse was her exhibition hall.
The available light which enters
from a window was lighting up textiles still more beautifully.
The home of SAARA was in SAARIJARVI. The tapestry exhibited using
the barn of old large space was performing the harmony
in which simple warmth has the feeling of pillowy thread.

The image of a loft should imagine the loft of a style featuring a steep rafter roof
of Shirakawa-go and Gokayama(world heritage )exactly.
I save an old good important thing.
It was reminded of the warehouse in Japan and I have proposed a still newer practical use style.

Finland tapestry

They reproduce tapestry culture through the classroom which studies textiles for the tapestry of a traditional design,
and are also trying to protect the culture.

I tell the message to the person of an overseas from the writer of this book.
To Our Foreign Reader
This book tells in text and picutures about the half-pild rug characteristic of the
south-Lappish textile tradition.The book is part of the poroject started by the Lappish
Art and Crafts Association in 1994
.The aim was also to record the history and
working drawings of half-piled rugs and to weave samples of them.
In this respect the project has now been finished.It came true because so many
woman love textiles and handicrafts and want to make over their knowledge on half-
piled rugs and their skills to the rising generations.
I would like to thank al those who took part in the work and gave support to us. the early summer 1999
Birgitta Sassi
Excutive Directer
Lappish Arts and Craft Associaton

The textile classroom of kemi(Finland)
Lappish Arts and Crafts Association

What we heard is a motif of the textiles
the tradition of the South Lapland district.

I introduce the Manufacturer of the weaving machine of Finland.
The material of the thread to weave corresponds also to wool, cotton, and silk thread.
In the case of silk, since it is thin, I can be by setting 20 thread among 10 cm.
Please ask the Manufacturer of Finland for details.

The manual book and DVD arrived from Toika. Although it was me who am inexperienced in a weaving machine,
even demonstration was explained very plainly to be how to assemble the opportunity of a weaving machine.
Interest was contents to boil and come to challenge very much. Please see [ you in the world, and ] HP of Toika.
The hunky-dory world of the tapestry products of Finland will be seen.
I introduce the book and DVD which I purchased. A MSFT learning program offers the various information on a tapestry.
If parallel use is carried out, the reply which you calculate will believe that it enters more correctly at the earliest speed.

Typical Japanese silk fabrics


Silk-fabrics culture: The Oshima pongee specified as the traditional handicraft
No. 1 of the country is evaluated as
most elaborate precise silk fabrics
in the world.
As for interesting one, from Amami Oshima,
the trace of textiles is discovered at the prehistoric age. I
t seems that the technology of silk fabrics is the Amami Oshima course, and had led to its native country.
Textile technology repeats a collaboration with various countries, and it seems that I progressed to various original textiles.
In the future of textile culture,
Furthermore, information exchange of each country will surely contribute to new development.

2021 Loghouse design

3D Collaboration AUTOCAD2022&Myhome D.pro9EX&3D Archi Designer

The reproduction to old culture is our theme.

In Karuizawa-cho, We are reproducing the mini log house at two places. WeI decompose an old mini log house a
nd am carrying out the eye material of the new recreative start.
In Karuizawa-cho, I am reproducing the mini log house at two places.
I decompose an old mini log house and am carrying out the eye material of t
he new recreative start.
one -- mini insect Palazzo and another -- the remote work miniloghouse -- it is completely a layperson's reproduction work.

I carry out CAD conversion from 3Ddrawing to Autocad2022 at 3D dxf. I carry out a detail design by 2Ddrawing,
and complete the base design of CADCAM of a log manufacture factory for the contents of directions.

i Phone11Pro Max&photoshop cs6 An integration of a light exposure

I arrange the Xline of a scale and a construction line on a screen,
and am examining the bird's-eye view side and display: AUTOCAD2022: X ray processing

Let's make it go on, enjoying English study and the process of a design to you in the world,
and one clue carrying out the collaboration of the 3D software with typical Japan and the U.S.,
and also receiving assistance of a MSFT learning program.

A theme is traditional Japanese Tsumugi Ueda. Please refer to a right-click instantly.
lease picture various images to yourself.
Let's leave a fundamental plan with us.
Please look at this You Tube initio. And let's find the hope of a new field together by design.

The log house which I often see at the pasture of Scandinavian countries

Nordic countries have the sensitivity with them in which I make us hold familiarity most.
We can find the true sense of values by looking back upon the starting point.


I borrowed the rental car from the Van Tarr airport, and left for inspection of the wooden building of three nations in Northern Europe.
The final destination is Geirangerfjord of Norway.
Thames &Hudson which purchased across the Sweden border from the city Umea of Sweden 2nd in London before going into Norway

This book is introducing the inner exterior interior design of Scadinavian designs.

If we go back to an old time and open the door, breath new without knowing why will revive.

Same Granary seen in the book of SCANDINAVIAN COUNTRY would stop at eyes when passing, will park a car
in the small village in Sweden near the Norway border, and the rest warm although I am simple and it is in May at a simple figure will be enjoyed for a while.
How should you express the feeling of the gratitude into which I have a vitality in which log shell has why an old timber building has such a healing effect divided?

スウエーデン第2の都市ウメアから、スウエーデン国境を越えて、ノルウエーに入る、以前ロンドンで、購入した、Thames &Hudson社の、
SCANDINAVIAN COUNTRYの本の中で見た、同様なGranaryが、ノルウエー国境近くの、スウェーデンの小さな村で、通りすがりに、

It is said that STABBUR is old and has minced no less than 500 years of history in Norway. It seems that the building is divided into the first floor
and a loft, and the first floor had put the valuables of the family on the food for one year, and a loft. In the present age,
I improve fittings and almsgiving and an inside are utilizing the inside-and-outside ornament for a guest room
from indoor natural environment suitable for food preservation. The contexture unique to a log house
which should be carried out a special feature has contributed.

Please compare with the timber building of Japan

You can see a synodic place in Google Earth- Mattmar Church. It is a beautiful place.

The design of the handrail child who makes the influence of a Viking consider

The color tone compensation > exposure integration by Photo shop cs6

Stabber Log house JAPAN 2021

Fusion of the new architectural skills of a log house, and examples of traditional craftsmanship of Japan

Wajima-shi, Ishikawa enters in the city in about 20minutes from Noto Airport. Traditional Japanese Wajima-nuri and ,
Sueoki-gata (the style with the drum placed on the floor):
and morning marketspace held
A tourist is visiting from all over the world.


image click

The work of a Hokuriku bloc Euro log house technical group  

Hokuriku Bloc Distributor:KAGAMOKU CO.LTD
Hokuriku BlocTechnical support :Taura Construction company
Toho Corporation partnership company
Handmaid log house  Japan
Euro loghouse minilog design

The start of the mythos by 3D Design

3D design: 3D Archi Designer ; Picture processing: photo shop cs6

3D has big influence on the layout of a site and a building. I am effective in giving more exact information
from the beginning to a site crowded [ 3D CAD / of Japan ] and complicated.
I am visual to a customer and transmit various time [ when ups-and-downs expression of land
and the sunrays of the four seasons do ] setup to him. This flow of a series of is connected to a customer's reliance.

This image photograph is the talks with a customer in the first presentation, and the contents of a design change.
3D is great help [ for / making a customer understand space composition ].
There is an effect which prevents the image gap of the completed building considerably.



Granary house of a new style with the role of Kura(warehouse)in wajima city
そのため、 古い蔵から古物を移転するために、オーナーの伝統を重んじ,ご先祖を大切にする強い気持ちをしっかり受け継ぎ、
輪島塗の町の伝統工務店の在来工法のスタッフが、心を込めて作り上げたGranary loghouse

         Thujopsis dolabrata

Completion photograph

Buddhist altar

A log house design and construction technology are that the confidential relation to an owner and each trust each other.


母屋は正面に風雨に強い地産能登ヒバ学名:Thujopsis dolabrata)の2本の磨き丸太ががっちりと建物を支えている
Granary loghouse Japan
In memory of the ancestor, families gathered the second floor, and the owner requested the design f
rom the designer as a room which tells recollections.
The Europian red pine of Finland is trying to melt the beautiful skin into the one area to the traditional towns in Japan.
It is the fundamental plan time of half a year to the technical support team which is a partner's lumberman
for the traditional lumbering industry company of Kanazawa.
It is the main loghouse and granary loghouse which spent with the owner, examined the plan side
and made it complete over four months.

World loghouse design learning program log house design learning program in japan 
Log house design learning program
Let's start the starting point of basic design study from the handmaid log house seen at the northernmost tip of EURO.

As for construction beauty, the crystal cherished by the log builder's creation soul moves our heart.
A handmaid log house becomes revolution with nature.
the self billder who aim at building. I have a MSFT English learning program aided,
and study both world log house designs. Now, is it a way?
The start of the highest point is in the face of you
That will be because the inside of the world is on the basis of the same star.


Timber building design mythos process Why granary loghouse is needed of Japan.

オーナーとともに費やして、設計図面を検討し、4か月かけて完成させた母屋とgranary loghouseです。

Why granary loghouse is needed?

Granary loghouse Design prearrangement
It is a new address in a site from the old 土蔵:Dozo of Japan which is an element of an owner's new building
at the storage place of the possession article from an ancestor now.
Then, it is Granary loghouse Plan as another building. I will be submitted.

It was the lacquer ware of the Wajima-nuri of the traditional technology which gets across to especially the Wajima city.
It was an important possession thing which the ancestor has used for ceremonial occasions fromTaisho period (1912 - 1926)
It was an utterance from which the important thought to an owner's ancestor is transmitted.

-I plan the building which has two another purposes of use in the same site. -

A building: The 2-story building of hut reverse side use
Small building: 2 stories (an owner's house name: hut of recollections) of granary loghouse
Height setup of a ceiling The ceiling height of A building and a small building brought a result which is looked at by the photograph.

I made the ceiling of the first floor low to such an extent that it did not strike the head, and I began the lacquer ware of the Wajima coating
which was possessing in the warehouse, and secured ceiling height to the extent that about the same wooden stairs as a residence are established in possession
and the second floor and he can walk along valuables.
On the west side of the second floor I also installed the toilet supposing the big window which can overlook the scene of mountains,
and the space whose use is possible also as a study room.

-Structural calculation -
I calculate the legal check of the structural criteria for the space check of a building by structural calculation.
After checking that the structural criteria of this building have suited the structural criteria of a log group construction method,
I become start of construction for the first time.

-Building permit system of Japan -

It is traditional building layout planning of Japan to build a differentness building for the purpose of two or more buildings in the same site.

It is a building of a new form in which whose use a large and small log house is located in a line, and is really possible.

Why granary loghouse is needed?

Granary loghouse Design prearrangement
そこで別棟としてGranary loghouse Plan が提起されることになった。

それはTaisho period (1912 - 1926) から先祖が冠婚葬祭に使用してきた大切な所蔵物だった。


スモール棟:granary loghouse2階建て(オ-ナーのハウスネーム:思い出の小屋)

二階の西側には 山々の景色を望める大きな窓、書斎としても使用が出来る空間を想定して、トイレも設置した。