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World double walls log house 

Hybrid log house architectural skills with the handmaid log house of a double-wall contexture
Promotion to eco-log house technology

Log house construction contest log house design competition 2021 highest-award award
Japan log house assosiation

Double walls log house 3D

In a log house design, selection of indoor furniture is very important.

Log house design


The log house of Awaji Island
Selection of the interior furniture in a log house design looked for and imported furniture Dahler around Seattle. Especially i
t is in the bed town near Seattle, the furniture of DANIA FURNITURE-LYNNWOOD popular with a young American Desiigner is cheap,
and I have placed the good thing of the sense.
The furniture of this building is DANIA FURNITURE about most. I chose and purchased and carried out container shipment from Seattle.

In antique furniture, the furniture of an oak has a find also in The antique town Snohomish, and it is a place to which the collector of Los Angeles also comes
for stocking in antique.
Oak furniture is considerably equal to the 1 back street as this, and there is a good store. It is said buying the furniture of antique
from London that I have attached.
Since Route5 line (-the road continues to the Canada border-) is north gone by car from the airport in Seattle and it can go in 1 to 2 hours i
f there is an opportunity, we recommend you.
If the entrance of a town crosses an iron bridge and turns at it on the right immediately, ANTIQUE SHOP will be built and locate
in a line with the right and left as a town, and I have put special antique on each store, and many interesting things are on a shopfloor display.
What also has a product cheaper a price than the inside of Seattle and certain is located in a line.
An antique repair specialty store is also in the end of a downtown, and I can also collect components without a store by order.
The antique of the fire-fighting accessories speciality is corrected by the town of the circumference distant for a while.
It is Antique Town with which seeing does not get bored, either.
54'40N122 " Google Earth Down town Snohomish 47" 5'45

デザイナーに人気のDANIA FURNITURE-LYNNWOODの家具は、安くて、センスの良いものが置いてある。
この建物の家具は、ほとんどを、DANIA FURNITURE で選択し、購入して、シアトルからコンテナ出荷した。

 アンテック家具ではThe antique town Snohomishにもオークの家具は掘り出し物があり、antiqueでは、Los Angeles のコレクターも仕入にくる場所だ。
町の入口は鉄橋を渡り、すぐに右に曲がると町の通りの左右に ANTIQUE SHOPが建ち並び、、それぞれの店に専門的なantiqueが置いてあり、
見るだけでも飽きないAntique Townだ。
Google Earth Down town Snohomish 47°54’40 N 122° 5’ 45
Interior design

 照明器具は、シアトル市内のSeattle LightingLamp Plusで購入した。床の大理石はイタリアのカララ地方に行き、現地で、輸入し
設計初期段階では、ガーデンオフイスとしての設計依頼であったが、将来、各部屋が、VIP GUEST ROOMとして、利用可能となるように、
各ルームごとに、それぞれの部屋に独自の個性のインテリアデザインを採用し、アメリカのコンドミニアムホテルスタイル(Room sharing system )の機能が可能になるように


ロフトダイニング ワンステップデッキステージ ログハウス応接室
エントランスポーチ ロフトドーマー和室 VIP ROOM1


Interior way-of-thinking conversion of a log house design

ロフトドーマー寝室1 ドーマー窓とベット1 ロフトベットルーム1

屋根裏部屋1 メゾネット屋根裏部屋1 


The circumstances to earthquake-proof and a fire-resistant log house

Double wall Loghouse : since a nordic log house increases the heat insulation effect, the wall is usually made of a double wall contexture. As for an inner wall,
in a log house design, it is common to use the usual wall material (18 mm - @21-mm wall material). Frequently, since the firewood stove had been used,
I stretched inner wall paneling again after fire extinguishing, and the log house of Finland was given to the explanation which I use by the owner also in the Finland
private house which I looked at, even if the fire occurred, although the log house fire had broken out. I am proving [ log house / Finland ] that it is strong
to a fire from ancient times. In the earthquake-proof log house design of our company, while multiple-izing wall intensity by using elegance
for inner wall material like log shell and what is called outer wall log material, I made the heat insulation effect into the contexture
which can increase by leaps and bounds. Furthermore, in order to consider it as a fire prevention log house design, the middle class between logs has strengthened
the fire prevention performance more by packing the granular pearlite of an obsidian system as nonflammable material.

Double walls loghouse :北欧のログハウスは、断熱効果を増すために、通常、壁は、2重壁構造でできている。ログハウス設計では、

TOHO CORPORATIONは、さらに、日本で、最初のLOG WALL防火認定許可証を、下記のとおり、2001年6月18日に取得することができた、
2.13-.2.14.2001 平成13年2月13日及び2月14日における、合計2回の防火構造-防火性能試験を共に1回でクリアーした
 6.18.2001   平成13年6月18日に、日本最初の、ログハウスに対する防火認定
         Permission 国土交通大臣 林 寬子:hiroko hayashi)-国 住 指 第347号
           Minister of Land,Infrastructure and Transport:Hiroko Hayashi(A female minister's name)
                  エコホーム  ムラトピアへのリンクhttp://www.muratopia.org/

            エコホームつくり http://www.muratopia.org/Awaji/Live/EcoHome/index.html

温泉山岳ホテルインテリア デザイン設計リンク 
Hot-Springs mountains hotel

Renature canoe

Sea side of the downtown in Seattle  から北へ向かうRoute99沿いにはたくさんのBoat Shopが併設されている。
元プロスキーの Top Ski Demonnstratorだったオーナーより、スイス山岳のAndermatt等に見られる

6か月のworking daysにも拘わらずにオーナーから二つ返事で、発注の指示を受けた。


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乃木坂:Nogizaka is the beginning of my skiing life and became the starting point of the beginning with Mr. Takahashi who became a bestie.
To the place which went down Nogizaka
There was an interview company of the under-exclusive-contract [ with the Zaou condominium resort hotel ] Prosky school of the first position.
If the elevator of a company is taken, Mr. Shinichi Chiba will have got in.
Since it got down on the same story, I wondered.With grand piano, the pianist was playing the piano in the large room.
The dogged bodyguard met and I showed around in inside.
Mr. Shinichi Chiba was a prearrangement of photography of a Mammoth Mountain descent of California of the United States
of the Fukuhara film manufacture.
It was an object for photography of the full-scale promotional video for condominium hotels made in the Zaou ski resort.
Then,It was shown by Diskobar of the underground of a condominium hotel every day those days.
The hotel has given up its business now.

千葉真一さんは福原フイルム製作のアメリカのCaliforniaのMammoth Mountain滑降の撮影の打ち合わせだった。

Sea side of the downtown in Seattle from -- I go to north -- Boat Shop of the scad is put side by side for meeting Route99.
The owner who was former Prosky's Top Ski Demonnstrator sees at Suisse mountains' Andermatt, etc.
I received the request of the hotel modification which made the model the exterior image in a mountains hotel of the Suisse.

The one factor was a purchase request of a canoe.

If it informs from Seattle that Route99 (kinds of Routes) are the treasuries of antique materials, and the suitable boat was found in them
Willingly, I received directions of order from the owner in spite of working days for six months.

The owner owns the caique of the total teak structure on the moornig base of the harbor in Anamizu-cho, Ishikawa in 能登半島:Noto hanto >Noto Peninsula

Washington State Route99 which escapes from the downtown by the side of the sea in Seattle is a treasury of a boathouse shop and a recycled article shop
In order to use an antique as the element of an improvement in image,I saw the canoe and I walked,
but I got interested in the antique handmaid canoe currently exhibited by The Center For Wooden Boats in Seattle.
Then, to the restoration consultant engineer of the Boat center, I was able to carry out the manufacture request of the same canoe for hunting,
and was able to exhibit as interior design after the half-year in the hotel. The wood of a Botho is Red Schieder of tree species about a substantiality.
It seems that I had manufactured the oar by the hickory, and it is lightweight [ single hand carriable ] and was used as an object for short-term hunting.
To the request of liking to introduce in Japan, there is pleasant consent about a restoration consultant engineer's canoe manufacture
with a Boat Palazzo superintendent, and I appreciated the depth of a Columbian's permission.

Therefore, this canoe for hunting is manufactured by the tradition construction method reproduced faithfully in how to make that time.
And I can actually use it. Whenever a Hot-Springs mountains hotel looks at the canoe boat currently exhibited and kept carefully,
the nostalgic memory by a boathouse revives.

The superintendent Thank you. Lower photographs are a hotel and its canoe for hunting.
And it is the canoe photograph which apply half a year, and a consultant engineer is a house, has a canoe
This canoe is keeping it carefully on the head of a main dining room entrance.

シアトルの海側のダウンタウンを抜けるWashington State Route99はボートハウスショップと再生品ショップの宝庫である。アンティ-クをイメージアップの要素にするために
、カヌーを見て歩いたが、シアトルにあるThe Center For Wooden Boatsで、展示されている、アンティ-クハンドメイドカヌーに興味を持った。そこでボートセンターの修復技能士に、

館長さん ありがとうございました。 下の写真が、ホテルとその

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The log house of Andermatt
The starting point of a log house design concept The draft of a sister city

History of a sister tie-up

Tokyo of the spring of 1982, history of the sister tie-up with a Suisse Andermatt
Tokyo of the spring of 1982 and the history of the sister tie-up with Suisse Andermatt start here.
Three men and women gathered in a certain family restaurant along the route246.
They are Nobuaki Takahashi, Akemi Goto, and Noriko Nagai.
Nobuaki Takahashi began to manage the skiing school, skiing area [ the Echovalley ski resort ],
and Akemi Goto was a skiing school attendance student of Takahashi's Shiga plateau age. Noriko Nagai was Akemi Goto's friend.
I have just opened the Echovalley ski resort , and Takahashi had helped PR activities of the side skiing resort of school management.
And the school which Takahashi manages is establishing the Tokyo office in the Shibuya 道玄坂:dougen saka of Tokyo,
and was also holding an additional post of a role of a Tokyo office of the Echovalley ski resort . The new rezort started as a new skiing area in Nagano had
the indispensable publicity work for surely raising the notability. Then, as a special feature of the Takahashi, Goto,
and Nagai's PR activities of three persons,they gathered in order to explore Potential of the friendship city of Suisse.
A proposer is Akemi Goto , his fiance was in Noriko Nagai, the friend, at the Suisse, and there was an enviroment where she borrowed a birr.
The master plan which promotes the sister tie-up with a Suisse Ander Matt here will be elaborated, and Noriko Nagai will cross to a Suisse
as a messenger for it. I established the secretariate of sister tie-up promotion in Takahashi's 道玄坂:dougen saka office, and it also started
PR activities simultaneously involved in a sister tie-up.


1982年春の東京、Suisse Andermattとの姉妹提携の歴史はここで始まる。国道246号沿いのあるファミリィーレストランに3人の男女が集った。
高橋信昭(Nobuaki Takahashi)はエコーバレースキー場でスキースクールの経営を始め、後藤明美は高橋の志賀高原時代のスキースクール受講生であった。永井紀子は後藤明美の友人であった。
どうしてもその知名度を上げるための広報活動が必要不可欠であった。そこで高橋・後藤・永井の3名はPR活動の目玉として、Suisse とのPotential of a sister city を探るために集まったのだ。
発案者は後藤明美(Akemi Gotou)であり、その友人の永井紀子にはスイスに婚約者がおり、彼に力を借りる環境があった。 ここでスイス・アンデルマットとの姉妹提携を推進する基本計画が練られ、
そのための使者として永井紀子(Noriko Nagai)はスイスに渡ることになった。姉妹提携推進の事務局は高橋の道玄坂事務所に置き、同時に姉妹提携に絡むPR活動も開始した。

Corporate Identity-The image strategy of a company

The head office of almost all skiing Partin media was located in Tokyo, and it was a suitable enviroment for publicity work.
The peak of the fate connected with the highest point which looks at the star of two peaks in the world

Furu Pass-Furuka Pass
I am in the relation of a sister city with the same initial of the Alphabet.
-Japan Pass and EuroPass -The highest point of each peak learns even an illusion that the number of the worlds is one under the same telluric starlit sky.
We also started the Mt. Yatsugatake circumference basic development mythos of resort law once in the conference room of the Mitui Building in front of Washington Hotel .
A former Nihon Keizai Shimbun Chief editorial writer, Mr. Shimaya told us the plan development staff.
I pursue how each factor is interactively connected from the starting point of one , and whether there is any accuracy based on the fact.
which always needs to ask the starting point for a sooth and needs to pull out the greatest potential of the area correctly in the mythos of a basic design
If the starting point is compared to Asunaro duction to a new way through much declensions from one pillar.
It is a power spot while it is a watershed for going to just various ways.
The language of katuichirou kamei which told the dearness of training self severely as honorable in difficulties can teach.
A trip is a brachpoint which can perform redo of life and is the beginning of a new route.

かつてわたしたちも、リゾート法の八ヶ岳周辺基本開発構想を東京西新宿のワシントンホテルの前の Mitui Buildingの会議室で


Effective use of Japanese thinner timber
The scrap wood of Larix kaempferi will raise a synergistic effect to the energy-saving heating of an effect and a cold district which attains to far-infrared rays.
The heating during the winter of this hotel makes the wood stove the main heat sources.
I am using the heating image of halosenniemi of the naturalism of Finland as the motif.
And I contribute to saving of heating cost greatly.

Flue working drawing Image click

The living of this building (private house) is reusing this wood stove as a resort office as a prime heat source of an old wooden native building.
Karuizawa Town Nagano Prefecture

Firewood is burning Larch of Japan. The quality of the material of a stove uses Wrought iron
which is the material of the pillar of a skyscraper. Far infrared effect by combustion of firewood has reached the whole building.

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The Center For Wooden Boat&The hand maker of a canoe
The Boat House is performing preservation and restoration of the traditional canoe.
The duplicate of this canoe is exhibited by the ceiling of the lounge of the mountains sport hotel
which considered the city established a sister-town relationship with
Switzerland Andermatt

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A part of design activities of Seattle Toho Corporation of those days
The present of the precious traditional canoe for hunting from the Seattle boathouse
The boathouse is saving with the historical value of a canoe. The movment of the boathouse is teaching
the children of the future how they enjoy
a new style through the design, and creation and manufacture.
The Center for Wooden Boats http://cwb.org/ へのリンク

http://www.euro-log.jp/pageon/minilog.htm へのリンク