五街道 最高地点
Furka pass-Furu pass
Furka pass-Overal pass Driving(007 Road)

Nikon Coolpix A100 Light integration at photo shopGS6

The Silk Road Shinsyu highest point .Please click if you please and look at an animation.

Highest point on the Five Highways Edo period(1603-1868)
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A history background is a picture Qlik.
This photograph has obtained photography permission
and printing permission from komagane silk museum.

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komagane silk museum

Furka pass & Furu pass


 These two peaks have a wonderful Partin. They are mutually.
Holding the Alps of its own country, these roads have become
a holy site of a motorbike and cycling again.
Each way also has the Furka tunnel and New wada tunnel of a by bus,
and also the sister tie-up is also considered as the neighboring ski resort Echo Valley
Mountains Hot-Springs hotel Andermatt founded in the skiing area
We make the building of SKI resort Andermatt of a Suisse into a model, and am designed.



It is heating during winter in the Wada touge pass near [ in the Five Highways ] the first star of evening which leaves
H-2rocket-development design business of the JAXA-Tanegashima space base.
With the wood stove which carried out its original work improvement, He is enjoying the eco-life in about one year.
NTT has connected the Optical line to the old highway of this Five Highways highest point.
AU is installing the relay base in the Wada peak, and a mobile phone can also talk over
the telephone extremely also in the mountain of our company.
Furu pass:和田峠の旧名-古峠(furu-touge) Japan

inYatsugatake-ChushinKogen Quasi-National Park

Nakasendo before a tunnel >The present Route142 >The west direction Venus line >The east direction Venus line


As for the old National Route 142, both man and horse and a car were passing through this tunnel top at the time of opening of traffic.

There is this place at the center in Japan and there are Itoigawa-Shizuoka Tectonic Line and ISTL. In the watershed in Suwa and Ueda,
furthermore the Venus line intersects east and west,
the nature trail is also carrying out three kinds of intersections.
The vein of obsidian was derived by the portion of the rock formation below this photograph.
Our company was exploiting this vein in the tunnel. This place is an abandoned mine now
and it is only that a column looks inconsiderable by tree planting construction of geographical feature

Yamanokami connects people and a person.

Hokora (Small Shrine) of the stone is ensuring the viator's safety quietly before the remains of an east country mine of the Furu pass.
-- carrying out -- the circumference of the horse-head kannon which our company planted torii, Hokora (Small Shrine​) restoration, and an approach,
and had further been buried in although it was wooden Hokora (Small Shrine)
planting a tree -- rebuilt -- having fixed -- although -- a shrine building -- having collapsed -- since -- a stone -- changing into Hokora (Small Shrine) ,
keeping a stone and praying for safe prayer of an east country mine, and a passerby's safety from Mount Mitumine::三峰山:Mituminesan Nagawamachi
I am making 3rd week Sunday in June into the national holiday. I revive now the festival interrupted temporarily
and the festival is carried out by our company by the inconsiderable number every year now.
Obsidian water which is gushing from the tunnel of an old east country mine has discharged 750m distance to the pond of sending and a mountain god with the water pipe
from the head of an old east country mine. Although water had stopped suddenly, I discovered by chance water of the foot water of 3 Mine which gushes
from that which is 1 m below ground for the first time in one week, and fixed the water supply pipework this spring.
The mountain god helped us.
A mountain god is due to be fixed this year.
Our company has started demolition of the old lumber factory since the establishment as 1949 limited partnership --
I am transferring arrangement in the head office site of our company.
Although the Wada peak planted Larix kaempferi and  sawara cypress in the afforestation promposal of Showa of our company and growth competition was carried out,
I am surprised that the spontaneous generation rate of sawara cypress has increased. spontaneous generation of sawara cypress is mixed into a deciduous tree
on the ground which is the altitude of 1500 mm and growth of an evergreen tree is conspicuous.
The spontaneous generation rate is also going up Larix kaempferi by the spontaneous generation wood now [ all ],

Mr. Kaiho who was doing design business of space development at this time creates the improvement flow chart of a water scarcity for physical theory of a doctor of engineering
by experiment actually, he makes an experimental facility, and rearranged the head superintendence of our company.
Interesting one is based on being very simple and the Eko way of thinking.

Professor Kato who discovered the rare earth of Minami-torishima Island of the University of Tokyo also takes Komaba's student along.
Field study of the rare earth is planned periodically.
Our company is supporting the teacher who is appealing for the dearness of rare earth resources to Japanese children.

It is heating during winter in the old Wada peak near [ in the Five Highways ] the first star of evening which leaves
Tanegashima's H2rocket-development design business. With the wood stove which carried out its original work improvement, They are enjoying the eco-life
in about one year. NTT has connected the optical circuit to this highway(Route142).

Furthermore, the electric wave relay tower of astronomical unit also stands on the old Wada peak, and I can also ask a mobile phone finely to it.
As a result, although it has a home in the metropolitan area, the computer is sharing information with the remote work.
Therefore, I live for [ most ] one year here, and am sharing inside-and-outside information.

The only resident sometimes went and came back to the way of the history from 観音沢:kannonzawa to the old Wada peak at the ,
A historical way

観音沢:kannon sawa:The nature trail from kannon sawa

The nature trail from kannon sawa -- west rice-cake dealer [ of the Shimosuwa post town>
宿場町:syukubamachi ;江戸時代からの呼び名The name from the Edo period to(name of old Shimosuwa machi:Shimosuwa town) side ]:
-- even nishi(:west side ) mochiya; has left the old image.
Please carry out word search if you please in a posting town(宿場)

The common name of the coffee shop in Japan which sold to the viator the mochi (sweets which I make from rice)
I was reading alias the common name Wada-mura side of the coffee shop in Japan which sold to the viator the mochi (sweets which I make from rice)
in regional name by making the east, rice-cake dealer, and Shimosuwa-cho side into the west and a rice-cake dealer.


Good morning. The way of history of Japan: It is a morning of a nature trail.
Please bow to a statue of the Goddess of Kannon if you please -- let's begin to walk. Furu Pass is waiting for you.

You, viators aiming at the permanent both-man-and-horse enforcement place of the next spot, let's fully inhale the fresh air of a nature trail and walk.

永代人馬施行所 (The Eidaijinba segyojo)
接待(settai):Fukazawa land areaof Wada Syuku
Google earth 30°09’54.74”N138°09’24.43”E
Altitude 1260m
The volunteer institution for the viator made at the Edo period
The important rest facility of the Silk Road for passing the Wada peak.
This institution was made using the interest of a merchant's donation.
This place is a place of the beautiful scene which was blessed with water a
nd was varied through the four seasons,
and is a place hunky-dory to a small break.
There was a lobby in both the Saidoes of a building, by the object for general,
the tatami is being pulled to right-hand side and left-hand side had become a parlor.
In order to correspond to heavy snow, the snow Gard is also installed,
and the back side of the building has prevented snow damage firmly.
I recommend that you are also visited in winter.



The photograph with a Nikon digital camera.
The light exposure integration at photo shopCS6
The 4th photograph was a thing reproducing an old hearth of Japan,
and was for cooking the free rice porridge prepared for the viator.
Furthermore, there was a sunken hearth for warming oneself in the back side, and the smoke is smoke
and It had discharged it from the tower so that it could see from a photograph
Kemuridashiyagura-It's the wooden chimney top(not turret)



中山道 接待 冬景色 2022年2月-永代人馬施行所

and he is gratuitous spontaneously about maintenance of a watering place or a corduroy bridge, and have cooperated restoration maintenance.

Interesting physics experiment of a maritime law doctor of engineering

Mr. Kaiho who was doing design business of space development at this time creates the improvement flow chart of a water scarcity
for physical theory of a doctor of engineering by experiment actually, he makes an experimental facility, and rearranged the head superintendence of our company.
Interesting one is based on being very simple and the Eko way of thinking.

Furu Pass >Minami-torishima Island

Furupass garnet> Minami-torishima Island rare earth>
Message to two wonderful conjunctures and Japanese maximum easternmost tips which the star of same sky tied up
Professor Kato calls to the children of the future.

Professor Kato who discovered the rare earth of Minami-torishima Island of the University of Tokyo also needs to take Komaba's student along.
Field study of the rare earth is planned periodically.
レアアース泥開発推進コンソーシアム | 東京大学 産学協創推進本部 (u-tokyo.ac.jp)
Please refer to this composition

Our company is supporting the teacher who is appealing for the dearness of rare earth resources to Japanese children.

Furu pass The rare earth is connected in the future of the energy of Japan of Minami-torishima Island, and one star.

Pacific rare earth mud saves the world (PHP pocketbook).
Yasuhiro Kato 2012.7.20
| which develops the Minami-torishima Island rare earth mud, and cultivates the future of Japan University of Tokyo fund (u-tokyo.ac.jp)

山の神yamanokami (全国的な山を守る神の祠の通称は和田嶺神社:wadareijinja(from syouwa period)とも呼んでいる。
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Enshrining together
Mount.Mitumine-Furu pass

This side of the remains of an east country mine of the Wada peak -- quietly -- 祠: of a stone --
the mountain god is ensuring the viator's safety.
Our company was protected by the mountain god, is no accident and was able to close four tunnels.



Photograph:Obsidian mining site


Mitumine::三峰山:Mituminesan;Nagawamachi Nagano prefecture
Altitude :1887m>Check >Google Earth Pro Camera;2167m 36degrees09'59"N138degrees07'40"E 1887m
Mount mitumine of Nagano Prefecture is the foot of a mountain containing Furu Pass of Yatsugatake-Chushinkogen Quasi-National Park.
You can desire a field of view of 360 degrees,
If it goes down east from a vertex about 25minutes, the Venus line passes. It is equipped fully also with the carpark and there is also a stand.
It is an unparalleled view spot which can desire from the direction of Mount Asama to the Furu Pass:和田峠
Check >Google Earth Pro Camera;3705m 36degrees10'18"N138degrees09'42"E 1316m               

Mount.Mitumine Toho Hopper of Obsidian  The bottom black layer is a layer of obsidian   
The obsidian water is gushing from this vein.

Hopper of Obsidian
Toho Corporation

Obusidian Water


Interesting physics experiment of a maritime law doctor of engineering


Furu Pass >Minami-torishima Island
レアアースの野外学習が定期的に予定されている。(In Furu pass)

Furu pass The rare earth is connected in the future of the energy of Japan of Minami-torishima Island, and one star.

加藤泰治 2012.7.20
 南鳥島レアアース泥を開発して日本の未来を拓く | 東京大学基金 (u-tokyo.ac.jp)
Giving to U.Tokyo





Furu pass Peak walking

それは地上の星屑 ガーネットが輝く大地 和田峠



経済理論の統合」(ピーターラング出版、ニューヨーク、1988年)という英文専門書 "Beyond Walras, Keynes a
nd Marx: Synthesis in Economic Theory Towards a New Social Design" の中で 初めて用いられた。
同書では情報化時代の新しい地球ネットワーク経済を、 Global Village (地球村)という言葉からヒントを得て、
むらトピア(MuRatopia) 経済と 呼んでいる。 「むら」とは文字どうり村を意味する。 情報化時代の心を、
エコ・シェア地域としての日本の伝統的な村 ー そこでは村人が、自己充足的な共同体で、収穫時には互いに協力しあい、
自然の生き方を尊敬する ー の精神と実践の中に 見いだせるとしている。 「むら」はまた「無」と「裸」から成り立っていると
考えられている。 「無 (Nothingness)」は禅仏教(より広義には東洋哲学)のもっとも基本的な概念であり、
すべてのものが有機的に関連しあって いるという「システムズ」理論や「ガイア」理論に代表される新思考の哲学を見事に 反映している。
「裸 (No Possession)」は保有 (Possession) を否定する状態である。 工業化時代の私的所有 (Private Ownership) は、
その否定として集団的所有 (Collective Ownership) を生みだし、結果的に 資本主義と共産主義という2つの対立する
経済体制を作り上げた。 それに反し、保有の否定の「裸」からは、イデオロギー的に対立するどんな経済体制も 発生しえない。
保有制の方が原理的に優れているというのである。 そこでこのような3つの意味
村、無、裸ーを合わせ持った概念としての「むら」が 情報化時代の新しいパラダイムの名称に最適だと提唱された。
トピアはギリシャ語の場所を意味する topos から来ている。

五街道 中山道 最高標高地点 和田峠 青少年旅行村(現在は廃村)・和田峠スキー場閉鎖
古くは石器時代から、人々が、眺めてきた星の世界 そして地上に輝くガーネットと黒曜石
OBSIDIAN  CLIFF の鉱脈を、流れる自然水を水源に、何十年も、耕作されなかった土壌に、
新たな生命を吹き込んで、小さな畑つくりを楽しんでいる。(Full pass)

Allotment which started in Germany started in Europe, and spread all over Europe.

Allotment of Germany is also a place of lifelong education.
Germans value farmland also all over the town.
A trip produces new discovery.




Allotment of Finland
Allotment draws the new definite aim in life of old age.

むらトピア エコホーム 和田峠
この住居からは旧中山道 和田峠 遊歩道を、歩く旅人達が、増加する中、

Furu Pass Japan  inYatsugatake-ChushinKogen Quasi-National Park
和田峠の旧名 古峠(Furu Pass)からは写真のように、南西方向に御嶽山(標高3,067m)を望むことができ、

        East view     south view&The Yohai plant of Mt.Ontake   The wadatoge pass west view

Utsukushigahara trail run 70km &35km start AUG/31/1931

The Furu pass peak-west& peak-south view 2022.2.24

五街道最高地点(1599m) 日本シルクロード最高地点(shouwa period)

Google Earth 36°8’42.48”N


Meaning as a route of the Japanese Silk Road
The Maruko-Ueda area and the Okaya Ina district which I go into Meiji period,
and a physical distribution Jiaotong prospers by national highway maintenance,
and pass the peak of this national highway
I became the world's largest raw silk turnover, and was shipped to Europe
by the barrelful from the merit of the quality.
Especially the raw silk that passed through the Wada peak contributed
to export to the West greatly.


新和田トンネルが出来るまでは、国道142号線の和田嶺トンネル(英名:Wadarei Tunnel)が関西方面への主要交通路として、

Wada pass(2022.2.24) The carriage way Wada pass before a tunnel

Lake suwa

Silk Road Shinshuu As for Wada pass, Chuo Line of a railroad is to the Suwa district
for ten years to opening of traffic (opened for traffic to Okaya in 1905),
I was an important trunk for carrying to the Yokohama harbor for raw silk export,
and it was the Rhode highest point in Silk Road Shinshu.

Present Shinano Railway Oya Station (inaugurated as a station for 1896 raw-silk conveyance) turns into the transfer station of the railroad
which connects Yokohama, and will play a large role in that time.
Silk Road Shinshu contributed the Tomioka papermill which furthermore, serves as world heritage from the Ina valley via
Okaya -Ueda to the industrial prosperity of modern Japan
as a 1 large zoster zone by involvement, Nakasendo, and Shin-etsu Line (railroad).


the Silk Road zone called the Ina valley inserted into South-Alps and the central Alps at the southernmost end of Shinshu faces across
the Tenryu River-- production of the mulberry field cultivation
using the geographical feature of the river terrace, and a cocoon -- soon -- a specific local industry
The small farmer developed the silk manufacture industry by the first union organization in Japan into big industry.
The factory girls who work for this organization,
They offered the place which they commit to local people, and also directed the birr also towards the school education to the independence
and the factory girls as a member of society through the night school.

The place which the individual in which a farmer's birr is small at a driving force pulled together, and changed into the big birr is characteristic,
and also the silk industry of the Ina valley is [ the present Komagane silk museum superintendent ] school education to factory girls.
the meaning which induced silk culture original [ making it learn ] with the place into which I developed both silk industries -- I am -- telling -- having had .
It was just a cultural heritage for the farmer by a farmer.
The Komagane silk museum is installing the intelligible display for the ecology of a silkworm visually.
Inside of a hall is equipped fully also with the workshop, and an admission fee is 300en..
This institution is one of the Palazzoes I would like the foreigner to know by all means.
Silk Museum is equipped fully also with the pamphlet of English, Chinese, and Korean.





Silk Road Time Tunnel
The Silk Road highest point Shouwa period
By national highway opening of traffic of the Wada peak,
the silk industry of the Ina valley obtained the big means of transportation,
and induced the big flow to physical distribution development.




Silk Museum

Silk Gland
 They are - and the past from the future from the past to the future. - If it searches
for the ecology of the silkworm of the starting point further,
the starting point to the new future can be seen.
Although the technical turnover of sericulture [ of Japan ] suited to the world top level, out of intense profits pursuit,
I missed the starting point of production and the production base has delivered the status to Southeast Asia
here a production technology and its quality accomplish remarkable development from China to Laos.
I have become, so that the semiconductor technology of Japan
which was proud of the world's No.1 cannot take and make up for a remarkable delay from Taiwan and South Korea, either.
The Nakagaki Doctor of Agriculture appeals against the enlightenment to the children of ecology education strongly.
Making a rare earth understand learned the importance of resources development of Japan from the schoolchild,
and Professor Kato of the world authority of a rare earth has also said that it is one starting point for tying to the next generation.
We study and think of the history which predecessors completed much,
and we would like to get the help of the silk museum and to produce the birr of creating the future.


The sample of a 30 times as many silkworm as an actual bigness

The interiority situation of a silkworm when vomiting interiority situation thread of a silkworm when eating the leaf of the mulberry  

Director:雅雄 中垣:Masao Nakagaki ph.D.in Agriculture           Seriplane inspection instrument:セリプレーン検査機(製糸の格付検査機)


雅雄 中垣:Masao Nakagaki ph.D in agriculture は伊那谷の農家の皆さんが神様のように大切にした蚕(kaiko)を
お蚕様:o kaiko samaと呼び大変大切にされたことをお話しされた。o-kaiko-samaという日本独自の言語表現は全国的な蚕を敬う言葉として、
granary log house(検索)



俳句作家 一茶 小林:issa kobayashi お蚕さまを俳句で残している。

さま付(づけ)に 育(そだて) られたる 蚕(かいこ) かな 【八番日記】
sama zukeni sodate raretaru kaiko kana

小林一茶 文政3年:1820年(58歳)-文政4年:1821年(59歳)の時の俳句


小林 一茶(kobayashi issa)&井上 井月(inoue seigetu)-を取り入れた俳句を詠んでいる

井上 井月(いのうえ せいげつ、文政5年(1822年)? - 明治20年2月16日(1887年3月10日)


睦じう 込合って居る 蚕かな            (井上井月)
桑くれて 機嫌養う 蚕かな              (井上井月)

様づけに 育(そだて)られたる 蚕(かいこ)哉(かな)   (小林一茶)
たのもしや 棚の蚕も 喰盛(くひざかり)         (小林一茶)
村中に きげんとらるゝ 蚕哉           (小林一茶)

Typical Japanese silk fabrics


It is soft and this photograph has led the light
with a high-class feeling using silk goods to the lampshade.
Reference photograph :The historical building of Finland, succession of traditional culture, and a new start
he Arabia shop and the factory-shop of Marimekko which carried out reproduction use of
the old factory building of a cultural heritage where we are seen in .
Helsinki which can find out a new light of Japanese silk culture to this factory art museum occur.
I think that I become a very interesting combination with the textile of refined Finland.

Reference photograph
It is a reuse institution of the factory site in Arabia.
I am divided into the office section on the right-hand side of approach, the front, and left-hand side shop area if it escapes from atrium approach from a carpark.
As for the typical Arabia tableware of Finland, production of the Arabia brand is performed in Yugoslavia and Thailand now.
As for the 4th photograph, the Arabia tableware of the vintage is located in a line from the left.We can become a collector with a cheap and delightful collection.


Okaya Silk Museum | Welcome to the Okaya Silk Museum (silkfact.jp)

Those who silk manufacture waits and bear sericulture revival of - Okaya (area located in the center in Japan)

Chiyuki Takabayashi - My portal - researchmap

シルクな人々 第1回 岡谷蚕糸博物館館長・高林千幸 | 蚕糸・絹業提携グループ 全国連絡協議会 (takaraginu.com)

how to make straw eyelids

シルクな人々第1回 - YouTube

Historical changes of a textile
machine, and work of the factory girls supporting the culture

The factory girls supporting historical changes and culture of the textile machine worked, and, as for this area,
people of Okaya were introduced from Italy France in early stages of the Meiji period.
original with Japan by their invention which further raised both mechanical advantages t
o the foreign style silk manufacture machine
They developed silk reeling machine. called a Suwa style which took in the idea.
This raw silk calls the echo as a world brand, it is called silk Okaya, and I accomplish development
on the typical large silk industry background in Japan from that geographical environment,
It is also a holy site of Seiko Epson which is a global brand now.
Suwa-Okaya region is called the Eastern Switzerland in Japan
Search word:東洋のスイス


アイデアを取り入れた諏訪式と呼ばれる silk reeling machine. を彼らは開発しました。





In a moomin film director's house which I visited in Finland before,
child Mr. 2 persons need to wear the stuffed animal of moomin.
I met. And she showed their some buildings.

photo by Panasonic DMC-FX01 Color tone compensation :photo shop cs6

The tradition beauty succeeded from ancient times expresses the beauty by which the coalescence was carried out
also to contemporary art, and this tradition is a new form and is inherited.

I should notice that granary log house suited at hand unawares.

granary log house はいつの間にか、目の前にあったことに気づくはずである。

Renaissance-reproduction and revival
Introduction of the culture of Finland
When it went into the lumber room, old farm machines and implements etc. were displaying finely.
Furthermore, i
n the old big lumber room, the artist's wife was exhibiting the work of the Finland tapestry to the loft using big space.

I publish the pamphlet and picture postcards which were received in that time which met you.

I pray for the souls of the departed.


of the old farmhouse was her exhibition hall.
The available light which enters
from a window was lighting up textiles still more beautifully.
The home of SAARA was in SAARIJARVI. The tapestry exhibited using
the barn of old large space was performing the harmony
in which simple warmth has the feeling of pillowy thread.

The image of a loft should imagine the loft of a style featuring a steep rafter roof
of Shirakawa-go and Gokayama(world heritage )exactly.
I save an old good important thing.

It was rem
inded of the warehouse in Japan and I have proposed a still newer practical use style.

Finland tapestry

They reproduce tapestry culture through the classroom
hich studies textiles for the tapestry of a traditional design,
and are also trying to protect the culture.

I tell the message to the person of an overseas from the writer of this book.
To Our Foreign Reader
This book tells in text and picutures about the half-pild rug characteristic of the
south-Lappish textile tradition.The book is part of the poroject started by the Lappish
Art and Crafts Association in 1994
.The aim was also to record the history and
working drawings of half-piled rugs and to weave samples of them.
In this respect the project has now been finished.It came true because so many
woman love textiles and handicrafts and want to make over their knowledge on half-
piled rugs and their skills to the rising generations.
I would like to thank al those who took part in the work and gave support to us.

Roveniemi.in the early summer 1999
Birgitta Sassi
Excutive Directer
Lappish Arts and Craft Associaton

The textile classroom of kemi(Finland)
Lappish Arts and Crafts Association

What we heard is a motif of the textiles
the tradition of the South Lapland district.

I introduce the Manufacturer of the weaving machine of Finland.
The material of the thread to weave corresponds also to wool, cotton, and silk thread.
In the case of silk, since it is thin, I can be by setting 20 thread among 10 cm.
Please ask the Manufacturer of Finland for details.

The manual book and DVD arrived from Toika. Although it was me who am inexperienced in a weaving machine,
even demonstration was explained very plainly to be how to assemble the opportunity of a weaving machine.
Interest was contents to boil and come to challenge very much. Please see [ you in the world, and ] HP of Toika.
The hunky-dory world of the tapestry products of Finland will be seen.
I introduce the book and DVD which I purchased. A MSFT learning program offers the various information on a tapestry.
If parallel use is carried out, the reply which you calculate will believe that it enters more correctly at the earliest speed.


Japanese Pongee:日本の紬(tsumugi)

上田紬:ueda tsumugi:ueda pongee



koiwai tsumugi work shop


tsumugi;pongee 大島紬:Oshima -tumugi

Silk-fabrics culture: The Oshima pongee specified as the traditional handicraft
o. 1 of the country is evaluated as most elaborate precise silk fabrics in the world.
As for interesting one, from Amami Oshima,
the trace of textiles is discovered at the prehistoric age.
It seems that the technology of silk fabrics is the Amami Oshima course, and had led to its native country.
Textile technology repeats a collaboration with various countries, and it seems that I progressed to various original textiles.
In the future of textile culture,
Furthermore, information exchange of each country will surely contribute to new development.

Silk road final point正倉院宝物

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Best bird's-eye view point
Google earth 34 41’30.24”N135°50’20.44”E
Altitude :98M Visual altitude:540m

Cultural heritage which Silk Road brought about
Silk fabrics have gone via two big flows from the China continent.
The past and the present age - Even now, the route of the development is inherited.
The Shosoin treasure i
s the national-treasure class of the Tenpyo culture greatly developed
in response to the influence of the industrial arts
which exchange of Silk Road brought about 1300 years before.

It is
the log house construction which has collected the handicraft.
Search engine: Nara period

Silk Roadのもたらした文化遺産

正倉院宝物はSilk Roadの交流がもたらした工芸技術の影響を受けて

Log house construction contest log house design competition 2021 highest award Work
Japan log house assosiation

Crystal of the log house technology of Europe, log house technology of Japan,
and a traditional method of construction
Log house design to medical facilities


Minister of Land, Infrastructure and Transport prize (log house grand-prix) work   

Clinic of a double-wall contexture log house

Google Earth 36° 8'42.02"N36°
  138° 8'38.52"E



The Shitomido side
は古くは平安時代(Heian period )に使われ始めたようで、建物の内外部を仕切る手段に用いられた。




永代人馬施行所 (The Eidaijinba segyojo)
接待(settai):Fukazawa land areaof Wada Syuku

Nakasendo It is a permanent both-man-and-horse enforcement place to entertainment (接待:Settai) (regional name) of a way
while going to the Wada peak from the Wada Syuku(The Eidaijinba segyojo) I am.
和田宿:Wada syuku> count from Edo among the 69th Nakasendo, and Wada syuku is the 28th posting station>(. 中山道六十九次のうち江戸から数えて二十八番目の宿場)
He contributed 1000 gold (they are 1000 ryou/unit at old currency unit 両:ryou of the Edo period) for the government (Sogunate)

6/30/2021Correction of the partial error of the contents
Data literature  中山道 和田の歴史と伝承:Nakasendo History and tradition of Wada  P162

in order that the wealthy merchant or 中村有隣(Yuurin nakamura)of the grandfather of かせや(store name) 与平:kaseya yohei 
of an
江戸 馬喰町::edo bakurou cyou(The previous address in Tokyo )
, and 中村有隣(Yuurin nakamura) may help difficulty of the Nakasendo trip but [ a little ] at the Edo period.

It establish the two rest stations for this fund at the Sakamoto Syuku of Usui Pass, and the 接待(settai):Fukazawa land areaof Wada Syuku
ownership (common name entertainment) using annual interest 100ryou on capital,
A deputy official, Mr. Inoue, of the Wada Syuku of those days complemented annual expenditure further,
and he gave food for nothing to the traveler, the cow, and the horse.
Period: They will be entertainment activities at the end of November - the end of next year March every year.
(接待:settai >The meaning of the Chinese character of entertainment is a reception or serving. )

中山道 和田宿から和田峠に向かう途中路の接待(Settai)(地域名)に永代人馬施行所 (The Eidaijinba segyojo) がある。

金千両(江戸時代の旧通貨単位 両で1000ryou/unit )を幕府に寄付した。
-The volunteer rest station which gave food to the traveler and the cow, or the horse.-

Since the first building collapsed by a landslide, I will rebuild in 1852, and also the present building is a historical way.
Maintenance enterprise,
Restoration maintenance was carried out. A hearth and a sunken hearth are installed and the latticework window
which can be removed is installed in the partition by the exterior with wooden fittings.
A roof is 茅葺: Kaya fuki:Thatched roof and smoke is equipped with the function (Kemuridashi)
which can be discharged from the ceiling of the center of a building.

現在の建物は、最初の建物が、山崩れにより崩壊したので、1852年に再建し、さらに歴史の道 整備事業により、
屋根は茅葺Kaya fuki):Thatched roof で,煙は建物中央の天井から排出できる機能(Kemuridashi)が備わっている。

Kemuridashiyagura-It's the wooden chimney top(not turret)

In order to install in the highest portion of a building, there are also few hazarders of a fire, and since the soot generated
with smoke adheres to the surroundings, I adhere also to
縄紐 (central photograph) which has constructed the chimney top,
I can maintain the durability in the half more than century.
it is this smoke -- carrying out -- there is no opening-and-closing integration equipment,
I use the untaught convection and appearance also has a comparatively simple contexture.

I started at the end of November, 1828, and management of this building was abolished
藩籍奉還 (Hanseki Hokan) in 1870.


この建物の運営は1828年11月末に開始し、藩籍奉還Hanseki Hokan)によって1870年に廃止された。

Geiranger fjord Camping information house

I slip out of the hotel of the Guy Langer glacier in Norway, run one <br>person rental car, and run the mountain trail
which can overlook the whole glacier at 5:00 in the morning. Eyes stopped at the camp Saido suddenly and I parked the car.
Even if the thatched roof of a camp information house and the tower on it are the countries which felt a sense of closeness suddenly
and were left however, elements required for a building are an architectural design top and remarkable similarity,
While having, it may be a thing with important a mutual country keeping
the historical similarity of such construction carefully, and developing it.


 The Hiroppara Milestone&marshland


The historical way (old Nakasendo) and milestone of the stone straw mat are improved in the direction of the Wada hotel
from the Wada peak at the place like on foot 20 minute.
When you walk about 5 minutes eastward from this, there is an extensive original marshland (Hiroppara shitugen) of the Five Highways highest point,
In spring, it is a stilly marshland of the Wada peak where ざぜん草:zazen sou (Skunk cabbag) blooms.
The vein of obsidian was sleeping from east and west at the depths of the earth of this mountain range.

これより東方向に5分ほど歩くと五街道最高地点の広原湿原(Hiroppara shitugen)があり、
春は、ざぜん草(Skunk cabbag)が咲く和田峠の静かな湿原だ。この山並みの地底には東西に黒曜石の鉱脈が眠っていた

Hiropparashitugen-google earth 36°9’21.36” N
                    138°9’10.97” E

As a result of there being an outcrop of that obsidian in the Wada peak,
I am also excavating many stone tools from [ from this neighborhood ] the Old Stone Age.
The drilling survey by the obsidian research center (Center for Obsidian and Lithic Studies)
of the Meiji University establishment is also performed, and the result will be expected in 2012(Heisei 24).
Please search obsidian research with an obsidian experience museum.

平成24年には、明治大学設立の黒曜石研究センター(Center for Obsidian and Lithic Studies)による、


I am the structure of the shutter door which I opened and closed this latticework window (The shitomido) every day when
this permanent both-man-and-horse enforcement place was entrusted from Wada-mura
and was once managed about for two years during summer, but is a latticework window,
I try a design in order it will utilize in stormy protection against snow and summer and also to utilize a lower half f
or the big glass door of the south side of the house of this Wada peak as the convertible deck as a shade in them,
On the owner's idea, I carried out the collaboration of the operation system.
Privacy, a feeling of freedom, and the place of the rest talk appeared.

この蔀戸The shitomidoを、毎日開け閉めをしていたが、蔀戸であるシャッタードアの仕組みを、

The eco-life in Furu Pass





In the Karuizawa zone, our company disassembles two log houses manufactured once, and is moving the reproduction project by recycling now.
Completion is a schedule before the year end. A recycling log house is mini log house size, and is due to be exhibited by our homepage.
The owner's originality and creativity are employed efficiently and each building is looking forward to completion.

A smoked sauna log house is popular and a grade is high rather in Finland now
It is a bathing system. There is a book of the history of a smoked sauna of the Finland sauna, which can be said also
as the starting point in the Academia bookstore Central City of Helsinki.
I get to know the history of a Northern Europe sauna, and learn how to enjoy a sauna.

I am lightly to the body about the bunch which bundled the leaf of the sweet scent of the white birch, and was dipped in water.
I throw, I become proneness to the floor and the bottom spends time calmly,
It is also the pleasure which experiences the old history of Scandinavian Peninsula.
A photograph is a handmaid log house by finland log billder of Lapland.
In Lapland, I use to a branch or a turnip and am making accessories.
People of Finland are utilizing saving a tree carefully.
I carry out the Sweden navel of Lapland from Finland to the west. I am further connected through land
on the national highway to Norway at the northernmost end of westernmost.
A handmaid log house is the starting point of Northern Europe log culture.
The extreme for which you will surely ask if the national highway of EURO is run Probably,
there is encounter with a handmaid log house.






The Viking soul of Norway which ran through the world of the small timber building sea which parked and inspected
the car suddenly to along the national highway of a septentrional end, and in which nostalgic drifts is to a handmaid house,
I can feel DNA of the great soul for them.
They have something with which we cannot catch up at all.


4枚目のケロハウスの写真 EUROLOGHOUSE本社展示場(長野県)

Log house design
Furu pass Garnet
Garnett is a birthstone in January and is one year of beginning.
This stone had played some of those roles in people's respect sense of values as power stone also Egyptian civilization.
Obsidian was working the important ocular role even in the Easter Island.

People who asked for the materials of the arrowhead of the Stone Age Brachpoint which produced big fixing culture for people
I can see birth of the culture of grand Japan on this background.
The Suwa district is the foot area of Mount Yatsugatake which was also able to hang down a big cultural change to the Jomon period.
The world is observing the ruins of the Jomon period discovered.

The meaning of the language of a plan soviet of a former Nihon Keizai Shimbun chief editorial writer,
Mr. Shimaya, who produced the word of the personal computer

The starting point plants a new possibility and a positive vitality in the factor which spreads derivatively.

We need to grasp the starting point of a mythos and a design correctly, and we need to open a new chapter
in the future of Japan, being troubled certainly.

The field Palazzo of the Guy Langer glacier in Norway has seen early morning.
Nobody is. Don't you sit on a bench?
If refreshed Now, let's leave.
Let's go into the world of creation in the world with the learning program of MSFT edge devtools.

リフレッシュしたら さあ出発しましょう。
Microsoft edge devtoolsの学習プログラムとともに


Furu pass Garnet & Obusidian

Garnett is a birthstone in January and is one year of beginning. This stone had played some of those roles in people's respect sense of values
as power stone also Egyptian civilization. Obsidian was working the important ocular role even in the Easter Island.

People who asked for the materials of the arrowhead of the Stone Age Brachpoint which produced big fixing culture for people
I can see birth of the culture of grand Japan on this background.

The Suwa district is the foot area of Mt. Yatsugatake which was also able to hang down a big cultural change to the Jomon period.
The world is observing the ruins of Jomon culture discovered.

The meaning of the language of a plan soviet of a former Nihon Keizai Shimbun(Japanese newspaper)chief editorial writer,
Mr. Shimaya, who produced the word of the personal computer

The starting point plants a new possibility and a positive vitality in the factor which spreads derivatively.

We need to grasp the starting point of a mythos and a design correctly, and we need to open a new chapter in the future of Japan, being troubled certainly.

Garnett この石はエジプト文明でもパワーストーンとして